October 25, 2010

The Tea Tables of Seol Seok-cheol

Go ahead and get your credit card, your going to need it.

 Just thought I,d post about "Antiques Alive"  for anybody interested. I accidentally stumbled upon this site and found that they offer some very interesting and cool handmade items that are made by Korean master craftsman.  I,m not going to go into any details about the company or any of the artists, all that info is available on their site. But I will say, Seol Seok-cheol's tables are very cool, mines on the way here. They also sell Korean tea. Though they don't say who the maker is they do state that it's handmade from wild tea bushes.

To find the tea and tea wares on Antiques Alive click on "For The Table" section.
The table I chose is one of the more basic designs and made from Paulownia.

Handmade lamps that are made from Mulberry paper.

Handmade Buncheong Porcelain, wouldn't this little jar be great filled with Bahlyocha?

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