June 10, 2010

Unknown Soldiers

Ive never had an unknown soldier that so intrigued me before. This tea was a gift from Petr Novak. If I remember correctly he had got this from a friend who had this tea specially made for his tea shop. What is really interesting about this tea is that it's the richest, most buttery sheng Ive ever had before. Tastes kinda like a very fruity (pears) and rich.Yiwu tea? It's very nice. Now, what is making me suspicious of this "sheng" is that there is not a trace of bitterness, not much in the way of aftertaste. There is a slight astringency in the aftertaste though. In both the flavor and the aroma there is a delicate woodsy aspect, the faintest hint of leather. Mostly, it's butter and fruit. Is this actually a puerh? I haven't the faintest idea. Whatever it is it's very enjoyable, and if it were possible, I'd buy some. The dry leaf is a little flat and thin, when infused the leaf is rather limp. I'd like to know what it could be. Petr, Thank you very much for this tea, it is delicious.

Note: Well, I found out what this tea is. It's a 2009 Ai Lao Shan Sheng and the maocha was gathered from trees that ranged between 100-140 years old. It really is the most buttery and syrup like sheng Ive ever had. Thanks Petr! The Shiboridashi & Cup Set in this post has become my favorite. I decided to keep this one for myself. It's particularly well suited to brewing Puerh or Roasted Oolongs because it's very thick and sturdy. It holds heat very well.


  1. I'm just guessing, but these are probably teas produced by big pu-erh lover Mr. P. - unfortunately, all are sold out, his 2010 teas were actualy sold out before they arrived to Czech republic.

  2. Hey Tuo Cha, It could be the man you speak of, I don't know. Petr will have to confirm that. What I wrote about it is all the info I have on it. This tea has the most buttery, almost syrup like mouth feel. Very sweet and the flavor really permeates deeply, completely saturates every part of your mouth. I wish I could get my hands on some of this sheng, I,d be one happy camper.

  3. Hi Bret,

    I am glad that you enjoy the sample.
    As said TuoChaTea is from Mr.P., it means from Long Feng production. This was Purple Label- there are five different labels from different MaoCha. And I am happy to have two, three from each of them. So you can expect another sample next time, Bret.

    Petr Novák

    Actually yesterday I have tested two samples of the 2010 from local tea room and I promptly call there and booked cake of each- wonderful teas, still fresh green tea but with many fragrances, strong leaves, clear infusion...TuoChaTea: If you are interested let me know and I can share the source with you:)