May 7, 2010

Tea Ware's By Petr Novak

The following items are on the way here and I should be able to start posting them for sale in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Wow! That is some sweet looking teaware. I would seriously consider acquiring some pieces when you have it available.


  2. Hi Stephen, Petr's wares are equisite aren't they? I hope to have more pieces in a couple to three weeks. I,ll give you a heads up when they get here.

  3. Picked up the two black cups, they are great! They are on the smaller side, perfect for one of my gaiwans. Really light for their size, obviously Petr is really skilled at creating these cups. The contrasting matte glaze on the outside and gloss on the inside is a nice touch. The matte makes for a nice secure grip. The shipping was fast, very well packed, Bret did a great job to ensure they made it to me in one piece. I would definitely add some more pieces from Petr to my collection, already know the next one I have in mind! Thanks Bret!