September 22, 2009

Yunnan Sourcing Tasting (Gamma) = Bu Lang

Gamma,s got some big crunchy brown leaves. Obviously Gamma has gone through some fermentation at some stage of it,s processing. Not what your looking for when it comes to something with shelf life, but who knows how this tea could develop. Brews up orangey brown. Full round mouth feel with no bitterness what so ever. Gamma,s flavor reminds me of malted grain and dates. I kept thinking while drinking it that it reminds me of shu, minus the funky aspects. Gamma is a pretty mindless, drink now tea. Doesn't really give you much to think about but it is tasty.
Note: since the tasting event I had bought a couple of these cakes and have realized that this tea needs extra leaf and longer infusions than what I normally use. By uping the leaf / steeping time the tea takes on a more complex character. This tea has a rich date and grain aroma and there is a slight bitterness in the cup. Still not a very complex tea but there is more in the cup than originally thought.


  1. I can see why this Puerh is "mindless." For me, a shu (ripe or cooked, or black) Puerh is not nearly as wonderful as what I consider the real thing--a raw (or green) Puerh. --Teaternity

  2. Jason, this Bu Lang is a raw puerh. When I said that it reminds me of shou what I meant was that there are some aspects of it,s flavor profile that are similar to cooked puerh. This tea is a lot more interesting than any shou. I actually like this tea, it,s very simple but enjoyable.