September 19, 2009

Yunnan Sourcing Tasting ( Beta ) = You Le

Taking a whiff from Betas sample makes quite an impression. Very sharp, pungently green and tart with some florals. Electric yellow crystalline clarity pours from the pot. Herbal, citrus aromas waft from the cup, a delicate sweetness that is persistent enough to cut through the tang. While Beta does have depth it,s not woodsy, tobacco flavors that I usually associate with providing that depth. More of a green, herbal, light tobacco depth. Betas light syrup like body is the perfect match for it,s flavors. Green apple acidity and floral, meadowy aspects show up midway through the session and yet none of the initial flavors have faded, Beta goes the distance, but when it does start to fade it does so gracefully and gradually. Beta would make for an exellent afternoon sheng but not a "go-to" tea when Ive got the craves.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Got the craves. I've found that I have that with some Puerhs, lately the Purple Tips from Bana Tea Company. That stuff gave me the kind of spiritual pleasure that hasn't been matched in most others I've tried so far. --Teaternity