December 27, 2008

My little guy,s growing up

My little Celadon Tea Pot is getting his first fracture, isn't it cute? He,s becoming a toddler. No really, the fracturing and cracking of the glaze is what Celadon is known and admired for. It will eventually become covered in small and large cracks creating a kind of spider web appearance. In some ways it,s disconcerting but that,s just what Celadon does. So if you cant stand the idea of your brand new tea ware cracking then stay away from Celadon.
Above are two more examples of Celadon that I,ve had for a while and the cracking is pretty well done it,s thing. One is a small "Monks Bowl" teacup that has the larger sized cracks. The other is a fair cup that is covered in tiny fractures. I think it varies from piece to piece with no real predictability as to which type of fracturing might take place.
note: to get a better look just click the pics.


  1. I believe, that these cracks are created as the teaware is made, they are just invisible. And as you use them, the tiny cracks are filled with tea and so they become visible.

  2. Yes some of the cups and pitchers I have when new you could see the tiny cracks in the glaze.With use and staining form the tea they became more visable. But some cracks developed thru continued use. I,ll be interested to see what these cracks turn into after a few years.