April 17, 2012

Dong Cheon Dan-Cha

It's been well over a year since I last posted on Tea Goober. My absence has nothing to do with lack of interest, I,m still drinking just as much tea as ever. I still enjoy staying up with what everyone else is writing about. It's just that in a lot of ways it's much more enjoyable to be a spectator than a participant. There has been many a time Ive ruined a tea session trying to get good photos. I know a lot of my fellow tea bloggers can relate to that. But just the same, I couldn't help showing off my new tea wares. A teapot and Tum-bung-mun tea cup made by Park Jong Il. Gorgeous aren't they? Thank you Arthur for making these superb wares and teas available. If you haven't been to Arthur's site then by all means head on over  Morning Crane Tea 

 Dan-Cha ( Korean black tea ) lacks much of the bitterness and astringency that are normally associated with traditional black teas. Though the flavors are definitely that of a fully fermented tea it's much lighter and delicate. Kinda like Bahlyocha with a slight edge. To me thats exactly what this tea is, Bahlyocha thats been taken just a step further in the oxidation process.

Very durable, with that slightly sweet,woodsy grain like flavor hanging in there to the last cup.
In the later infusions there are some fruit and floral aspects, just like a good bahlyocha. As you can see it brews up a light amber cup with great clarity.

Ive found all Korean teas whether they be green, oolong ( yellow tea) or black all have a distinctive flavor and aroma that is unique to their place of origin. A malted grain, slightly sweet cup. It's interesting how you can trace the flavor characteristics through the different grades of tea. Ujeon, Sejak, Jungjak, Daejak. They all have their own individuality and character but there is an undercurrent that ties them all together. This Dan-Cha is in my opinion a great value. If you like Bahlyocha, you'll like Dan-Cha, they share a lot traits.

Lets raise a cup to the 2012 season and see what it brings.

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