January 12, 2010

Thanks Terje

After a long weeks work and feeling like Ive just about had enough of it all I came home to a most welcome surprise in the mail today, a package from Terje (an online tea chum from Norway) which contains an assortment of sheng samples. That was very nice suprise. I can just relax and enjoy some new teas and stop fantasising about the best way to kill my co-workers. Of course I allowed myself to try the most alluring of the bunch, a 1999 Menghai Dayi Yiwu Shan.

 Absolutely superb! Thank you Terje. I demand to know where you got this from. Opening the little baggy emitted a wonderful aroma, I knew this was going to be good as soon as I smelled it, a rich and heavy depth but at the same time some delicate aromas were also there. The tea brews a very clean and clear orange color. The aroma is decadent, woodsy, yet clean. Very floral for a tea with 11 years age on it. The sweetness and bitterness are very well balanced. I almost want to say there are some fruity flavors in the aftertaste. This tea is a true delight and a much needed session (after the cluster fuck that I,ll refer to as "today") Just look at that cup of goodness. There is so much in the cup that's enjoyable now it would be quite a challenge for me to have a cake of this and allow it to continue aging. Nah, I couldn't do it, wouldn't last a year unscathed around here. This tea fades out with grace, I love teas that do that. Doesn't just turn into sweet grain water, the flavors remain intact but slowly and gradually turn down the volume. So, Terje. Where did you get this? And how much did it set you back?

Note: As it turns out Terje received this tea as a gift from a friend who purchased it in Hong Kong. In other words, tis none to be had. Boo Hoo!


  1. Enjoy life taste the tea.

  2. I do and I do (for the most part)

  3. if this is what I think it might be, it could possibly the (in)famous Big Green Tree, or perhaps the less famous versions of it. Runs the gamut from fairly pricey to almost unobtainable.

  4. Howdy Maitre, Ive no idea, just have to wait and hear from Terje. Easily one of the best teas Ive ever had. Old enough to have plenty of depth yet still young enough that the teas origins are still obvious.