September 8, 2009

Sorry We Missed You a.k.a. Catch Me If You Can

There is nothing I hate more than coming home from work to find one of these on my door. I know what I,m in for, a big freaking hassle. I hate the U.S.P.S. This package I,m sure is from Scott at Yunnan Sourcing, tea samples. O.K. for starters they are supposed to DELIVER your stuff. The post man didn't even ring the bell, I was home this morning, I would know. So finding this note later in the day I head off to the post office. I stand in line only to be told that the post man has the package with him. So, he will attempt to deliver it again tomorrow. Well, tomorrow I,ll be at work. That,s their final attempt. So I,m going to have to go back to the post office again on Friday and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there is another problem. This is exactly why I will not order anything from outside the U.S. The parcels always require a signature and the post man makes a very feeble attempt at doing his job. I swear it,s like they do this intentionally. A barely audible knock at the door (if that) and then a mad dash to their truck and let the games begin. Jeez, what we go through for tea. But I,m sure once I drink some of these I,ll forget all about the mailman and how much I hate him.

Part 2, next day. O.K. so knowing that if I don't get to the post office early I,m going to have to wait in line for forever. Turns out I,m the first one in line, cool. 8:30 A.M. the magic metal door opens and I cant believe it, I,m the first one here. Keep in mind there is nobody else there yet but I can hear them filing in behind me. So I ignore the designated path that weaves it,s way to the desk and go straight to the man. I hear a voice yelling from across the room "Sir! you have to follow the line" What? So I turn around walk around the table to wind up where I started from. This is ridiculous I said, what purpose did it serve to make me walk around that table? Turns out by not following the path they don't have you on camera and that,s an issue for them. So that I understand, but at the time I as well as the people in line behind me laughed quite audibly at the demand for me to run around the desk just to wind up where I started from. Comical really! Like I said before, the things we go through for tea. I feel like I just played musical chairs to get this package. This tea had better be good.


  1. Let me share a "Grrrrrrr..." of commiseration on the USPS. Things that come FedEx or UPS, which includes pretty much everything from Japan and even India, work so much better.

  2. Dont I know it! "Going Postal" it,s starting to make sense to me now.

  3. Well...same in Germany here...and it doesn't matter which courier you use...

    I can not count the times where I only got
    the "we missed you" note but I was at home the whole day...

    Don't let me start about the AGES I've spent at the customs office...

  4. Postal services in Slovakia are even worse, the post man do not carries these parcels with him and unlucky people in my city have to visit post office opened only on workdays between 9.00-15.30 (fortunately, my post office is opened longer and even on saturdays for few hours!)

  5. I'm learning here about getting int'l delivery. I'm planning to get some Pu-erh from China myself in the coming days here. Fortunately I'm home every day. I'll be watching out for this. At least you're getting some good Pu-erh out of the deal. That should make all the bad memories go soft on you. --Spirituality of Tea

  6. Hi Jason, If your package was shipped EMS then your good as they have tracking. But if not you dont have any idea when your package will arrive, I cant sit around the house all day for a month waiting for the postman. With parcels from Japan this isnt so much of an issue, they have a clue. But with China, I,d rather pay for EMS and save myself the hassle.