August 21, 2009

Xiaguan Green Tuocha

Wow! Ive been on such a Xiaguan spree lately and loving every sip, until this one. The 100 gm. Green box tuocha. I bought a couple of these from a Chinese shop, at $3.99 each. Never having had these tuo,s before and knowing that they are bottom of the rung sheng, my expectations were meagre. Visual inspection sounds no alarms, nor the lack of aroma from the tuo. Looks to be an everyday, nothing special tea. The tea leaves appear to be o.k. Compression is normal. I brew some up and....nothing. Literally no flavor aside from generic green bog water. It,s not a case of me being spoiled by the good stuff it,s just this tea has virtually no flavor. Thin, weak and insipid. I immediately rushed to the pot to wash this tea out and made myself some proper sheng. I wonder, could they be counterfeit? How does one tell? When an Xiaguan tea has no flavor there is something amiss. At least they didn't cost much. I would be interested to try this tea from another source for comparison and then I think I could solve the puzzle of the flavor that,s gone missing.


  1. Hm. That's strange. No flavor at all? Perhaps they are counterfeit. But wouldn't a fake just have a bad or different flavor? I wonder why there's none. --Spirituality of Tea

  2. Yeah, pretty much tastes like swamp water. Raw, green, sludge. I was a little leary of them at the time of purchase because I had seen some beengs of CNNP puerh,s that the printing on the wrappers looked to be not quite right. Very sloppy and printed on coarse, greyish paper. Trust your intuition.

  3. Like you said, at least you didn't spend too much on them.