January 16, 2009

Gui Fei Mei Ren Oolong

From J,s Tea,s. This Gui Fei Mei Ren is a Taiwan Oolong. J,s Tea,s has two offering,s in this category this being the more expensive one at $158.00 lb. It,s full title is Gui Fei Mei Ren Yan Cha Tightly Rolled. This one has the pellet type leaf, a beautiful mix of greens, reds and browns. Josh doesn't provide a lot of info on his site when it comes to specific things about his products. Such as, the degree of fermentation. But this tea has been fermented and baked. What strikes me the most is the tea,s aroma. Very floral with a very slight spice in the background. When I say floral I mean as in roses or something similar. Something Ive noticed with all the tea,s Ive had from J,s is the unique floral aspects to his tea,s. This tea really is tightly rolled, the first infusion time being 1 min. 45 sec. and the little nuggets are just barely starting to open up. But when they do open they reveal a beautiful range of colors. The tea,s flavor is very nice indeed. All the flavors are nicely balanced, fruity, flowery, honey, and very light on the sweet spice. All of these flavors are subtle and no one flavor dominates the other. It has a dry mouth feel but not overbearingly so. Brews a nice clear cup and durability is O.K. I get about five pots before it thins out to much. I like this tea quite a bit but I wish it had more something....I don't know what. It has a medium body but it,s lacking that stickiness I like in Taiwan Oolong,s.
In some ways this teas aroma reminds me of Hou De,s Honey Aroma Oolong if you ever got to try any of that, but with a little heavier fermentation. And the floral aspects being more dominant. And not as sweet.
Brewing observations: Use a teapot with plenty of room for the leaves to open up. Slightly extended steeping times. The leaf is pretty large and thick so it might take a little longer than usual for the tea to brew.

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