January 9, 2009

Going Home Soon

Yep folks I,m moving back to Austin TX. Been in the Dallas area for two years now and I reckon that's long enough. I love Austin, so much prettier than Dallas with lots of things to do that doesn't have anything to do with going somewhere and spending money. Lots of parks and rivers, interesting people and good food.

Here's a nice pic of Lake Travis that I stole off the Internet. Consequently, my postings are gonna get scarce for while till I get settled in and situated. But bare with me, I,ll be back and can probably do a couple more posts before I leave.

Most of my tea ware is packed (thank god for bubble wrap) I knew I had a lot of teapots and various other tea wares but reality didn't really strike until I started dragging them all out and placing them back into the little storage boxes they originally came in. About 6 large cardboard boxes full of the stuff. I should have an online sale someday, I could sell the stuff I don't use often enough to justify having and it would be an opportunity for you readers to buy some tea stuff at cheap prices. Maybe, we will see.


  1. I hope your move goes well and you are back to blogging asap. Don't let any clumsy movers touch any boxes with teaware in them!

  2. Thank You LaoCha Gui, Nope, I,m moving all my tea gear myself. If I break anything I,ll be mad but if anyone else was to break it, all hell would break loose. But everything is so well packed I,m sure it will be just fine.